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Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions

The habit of exchanging wedding rings during the ceremony  comes frome long ago

In the XIII Century B.C. the Egyptians exchanged wedding rings. Grooms celebrated a ritual to ensure their brides´spirits would not depart too soon. The groom tied the ankles and wrists of his beloved with ropes made of weed in the belief that  this bondage would keep her spirit inside of her. During the Roman Empire wedding rings were made of iron; gold rings could only be used by members of the senate and magistrates. The habit of wearing wedding rings expanded to other socioeconomical levels. Wedding rings as we know now started to be wore in the V Century, but it was not easy for the Church to accept wedding rings as part of the ceremony of matrimony.

 Wedding ring sets

More of wedding traditions. The  groom gives the bride the engagement ring to symbolize their endless love, because of its circular shape. There are many types of materials to make an engagement ring; the most popular are made of gold and diamonds, which means their love will be as strong as these materials. The engagement ring is worn inthe ring finger  because of the old belief that it is this finger the one which connects directly to the heart.In past times, when the proposal was more formal, the future groom would send his friends or family in his own behalf to meet the future bride and her family. If they saw a blind man, a one-arm man or a pregnant woman  during the journey, it was thought that that marriage could be destined to failure. Males´nannys, pidgeons or wolves were good signs.


Wedding Traditions: The ring which the bride receives at present must be worn in her left hand

We see In the Holy Bible, in the Old Testament, that the bride-to-be was asked for matrimony with a ring. This tradition has come up to our present days. During the IX Century Pope Nicholas I decrrets that the fact of giving a ring to a young lady shows the intention to marry her.

Thirteen gold and silver coins were handed to the bride by the groom during the celebration of the religious matrimony. In ancient times, they symbolized two things: the properties and wealth which the future couple would share and the present the groom made to the bride in occasion of the wedding in acknowledgement for her virginity.


The tiara is a tradition that considers the bride queen for a day

The tradition of cans tied to the back of a car comes from a Tudor habit. The guests would throw shoes to the wedding couple, and it was a good sign if one of them would hit the carriage they were using.

In the old times the  groom, always accompanied of some friend, was supposed to kidnap the bride. At present, in some regions it persists the tradition that the best man tells poetic verses to the bride. He is also in charge of giving the wedding bunch of flowers, the bouquet, to the bride.

There are different options of wedding and engagement rings for each style and personality


Wearing wedding rings

Wearing wedding rings - its meaning

Wearing wedding rings – its meaning

Wedding rings may have different styles, be made of different materials, but they all mean the same.

Wedding rings mean the perfect union of the married couple and their eternal unity. While the marrying couple make wedding vows between each other, wedding rings are the elements that seal those vows and act as a material and perpetual  reminder of their commitment to one another, as they say,  “till Death do us part”. Nowadays wedding rings are made of the most diverse materials and designs, specific for each couple´s taste, style and preferences, but the meaning remains the same.  

Wedding rings Meaning

Wedding rings mean a series of very important elements in the life of a married couple: eternal love, devotion, commitment, faithfulness, honor and respect, and the love bondage of unity.  They constitute  an agreement legally  unified between husband and wife, and in many cases, it is taken as a symbol of how the wife becomes her husband´s subordinate and the husband promises to protect his wife.  A wedding ring shows to society the marital state of an individual.

Wedding rings Origins

Wearing wedding rings

The use of alliances takes back to prehistoric times when the prehistoric cave dwellers used to tie ropes to their womens´fingers to symbolize the union of their spirits. The ancient Egyptians  used to make wedding rings of straw and cane in circular bands which would mean their eternal and  immortal love.  During the first decades of the colonies which settled in what we know now as The United States of America,  colonists  were forbidden to wear any kind of jewellery as it was thought to be superficial and lacked any moral value. So they decided that men would give thimbles to their fiancées, as a more practical symbol of their love and commitment of a life of eternal union. After the wedding, women would generally take off the upper part of their “wedding thimble”, so that it would look more “wedding ring” like.

Wedding rings Symbolism

The circular shape of the wedding ring, without a beginning or an end, symbolizes eternal union and endless love, a promise that cannot be broken. Its round shape is also associated with the sun and the moon, their plenitude and the perfection that represents the married couple  interacting in peace and joy. Alliances are traditionally made of metal, as a symbol of the strenght of marriage.

The ring finger

the ring finger

Wearing the wedding ring in the left hand ring finger is a habit that dates back  from the belief  that blood from an artery in the left ring finger leads  straight to the heart. That is why couples wear their alliance rings in the left ring finger, to symbolize true love which comes from and flows  back to the heart.


Wedding rings are usually engraved in their interior part with the names of the bride and the groom, as well as the marriage date. They can also contain a brief phrase, as a motto of commitment. Some couples choose to keep that message a secret until the day of the wedding, when they put the ring in each other´s finger, with the intention of surprising the people at the ceremony with their marriage vows.