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Types of Unique Engagement Ring Settings

unique engagement ring settings The use of unique engagement ring settings is on high demand if you feel that other standard or traditional settings have been used to death over and over again. The uniqueness of the settings you choose will eventually give leverage for the engagement ceremony as well as for your own looks. By ‘unique’, of course it means that you should go find a ring with setting that is one of a kind. You should be able to make other people who see the ring feel some kind of a distinct feel, something that will not exist with regular setting of a ring. Doing it this way will also add some more senses of “you” within the occasion. The attendees will see how you value the essence of your presence on everything you touch. This is helpful even more so if you set the occasion with urban sense in mind. As we all know, urban-styled occasion often emphasizes on the quality of distinction, the act of eschewing from convention and all sorts of other things related to this premise.

So, in short, choosing unique engagement ring settings over the regular ones is a smart move if you wish you could do something to create the particular atmosphere around the vicinity of your engagement ceremony. The ring will help you become the center of attention in a way more traditional ring cannot do. The regular rings may have been able to grab attentions from many towards themselves. You will only be some kind of a walking display with which the rings are viewed to crowds, much like what mannequin does.

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The unique engagement ring settings, on the other hand, will incorporate you yourself into the show. As said before, the rings with unique settings will redefine the meaning of ceremony as well as give people impression of your personality—unbound, free-spirited, and fearless.

Type of Unique Engagement Ring Settings

There are several types of unique engagement ring settings you may want to have a look at. Each has its own unique quality as well as beauty, that is of course distinctively different from other rings’ beauty altogether.

The first on is solitaire type. This is considered one of the simple unique engagement ring settings available out there on the jewelry stores. It is simple, so to say, in that it does not display any significant intricacy. The band of the ring is plain, with one big center stone on top of it with claws or prongs to help hold the stone still.

Photo Gallery of Unique Engagement Ring Settings

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The second is halo type. With halo type of unique engagement ring settings, you will get one center stone encircled by a row of smaller beads, giving the impression of a halo. The band can be semi-plain. Milgrain can be added to the area just below the center stone, running across each side of the ring band down to midsection.

The third is petite type. This type is unique in that it serves intricacies without overdoing it. Each end of the ring band starts to swirl a bit around the center stone while acting as the stone holder at the same time.

The fourth is semi-mount. The name is derived from the position of the stone, which is made so as to give the looks as if it floats. The center stone is then flanked with two smaller beads while milgrain may be added along the band.

The fifth is fancy type. This type of unique engagement ring settings combines filigree with milgrain with slightly augmented section on its upper part, just below the seating of center stone.

The sixth is antique type. Another form of simple yet unique ring setting, this is based on plain band of ring with filigrees carved along. Claws may be employed to hold the center stone as well as to give the looks of crown.

The last is three-stone. While the band is designed plainly, the center stone is accompanied with two more stones which are too big to be called beads but too small to be called center stones.

Other Type of Unique Engagement Ring Settings

But the best way to get unique engagement ring settings is make it yourself. If you don’t know how, you can enlist the help from unique engagement ring settings new york-based providers. They can guide you through the steps in making and getting the rings of your choice.

You may also want to try unique engagement ring settings rose gold-oriented, too, to get an even more glamorous feel.

Unique Engagement Ring for Unique Personality

unique engagement ringA lot of people, especially women, might start to wonder what their engagement rings would look like. Wonder no more because you can now start to look for something unique for your engagement rings. Who does not want to have unique engagement ring because quite frankly, it can be a historical stuff for you to have. Look what have been had by Kate Middleton? She has the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring to Prince Charles. Usually, if you will have a son, you can actually give your unique engagement ring to him so he can give it to her fiancée. This is actually something that a lot of people very rarely to do. It has a lot of benefits because you can tighten your bond not only with your son but also with your daughter-in-law. Besides that it can be really heartwarming for the family, it can also save a lot of money for usually after getting married you will probably wear your wedding rings or wedding bands a lot of the time instead of your engagement rings. [hmtad name=”Ads 336×280″ align=”center”]

What Would You Like for Unique Engagement Ring?

There are so many unique engagement ring designs you can choose from but do you know exactly what you and your partner want for unique engagement ring? You do not actually purpose your girlfriend in a random moment right? There must be a really perfect plan to do that because who does not want to have a sweet, romantic, and memorable proposal? It is just like a wedding but we guess it will be most memorable only for both of you because you are the only ones that will be present at the moment whereas a wedding is more like a family thing or something. A lot of people would start to search for unique engagement ring when there is a slight desire to propose to the love of your life. If you are an artistic person then you might also be interested to design your own engagement ring for it will have much more meaning.

Unique Engagement Ring that is more Fun to Look at

unique engagement ring ideas

We can admit that so many people will probably only want to stick to something more traditional and conservative when it comes to picking something that is very sacred for you but what fun it would be if you will play it safe? But if you are the type of person that is more eccentric then you might also have imagined having surprising and unique engagement ring settings before. It is such a natural thing for you to pick more of a unique engagement ring if you often think out of the box.
There are a lot of aspects of this engagement ring that will make it looks unique and one of a kind. You can go first with unique engagement ring ideas because it is such a fundamental that you have to build before you choose or make the real thing. And other than the ideas and the application you need to do to your unique engagement ring, you can also pick unique engagement ring boxes if you want because it will complement the concept and ideas that you have built.

Many Types of Unique Engagement Ring

Surely we have so many types of unique engagement ring you can choose from especially if you like something different from others. This turquoise organic ring, for instance, looks really pretty and glamorous with its colored stone. If you have a wedding reception at the beach with barefoot guests and all, this unique engagement ring is what you are looking for. Garnet skip beat ring is also very pretty.