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How to know a woman’s ring size without asking her

How to know a woman’s ring size without asking her

Whether you are buying a ring for someone special for you, for a birthday or to propose marriage, finding a engagement ring that fits is essential.

The rings range in size from zero to 16, plus half and quarter sizes. If you try to guess which fits best, you probably have to change it later. Get the correct ring size on the first try.

Asking a woman directly may be the easiest way to find out the size of her ring, but with a little creativity, you can find out without ruining the surprise.

Tactics for discovering the correct size of a ring for a woman

Ask: You can get in touch with her mother or a friend. Ask the person if they know the correct ring size. If you know, that’s it! You have managed to find the size of the ring without asking. In case you do not know, ask anyone if you can find out the correct ring size.

Make her use a ring: Ask her if she can wear one of her wedding rings, either around your neck in a chain or on your little finger. Select a ring she often wears, but make sure she usually wears it on her right finger. Choosing a ring that she wears on her forefinger will not help you size a ring for her annular finger. Take the ring to a jeweler to have it measured.

Measure her: Prints a free ring gauge, available online. Check the ring gauge with a ruler to check its accuracy. Wait until she falls asleep. Alternatively, if you know someone who is similar in size to the woman you are buying a ring for, you can ask her to measure her finger. Keep in mind that with this method, you may not get an accurate result. Place the ring gauge around her finger. Pull the ring gauge until it is firm.

How to Find Out the Ring Size for an Engagement Ring

How to Find Out the Ring Size for an Engagement Ring

One extremely important detail when shopping for engagement rings or wedding bands is getting the correct ring size for your partner. This is usually more of a concern for people who are planning a surprise proposal, since they can’t just ask for their partner’s ring size in a straightforward manner. Here, we have some ideas for finding the right size engagement ring, discreetly or not.

How to Find Out the Ring Size for an Engagement Ring 2

Go to your local jeweler for ring sizing

This may be the most obvious, but it’s also your most accurate option. It’s also not super discreet, although there are a couple sneaky ways you can get around this (see below).

Use online ring size tools

You can find a lot of free, printable ring sizers to help you find the right size – just make sure your printer isn’t changing the scale of the page when printing.

Request a free engagement ring size tool

A few online jewelers will mail you a special plastic tool to measure your ring size (or your partner’s); Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth are two examples.

DIY ring sizing with string and a ruler

Finally, you can get a rough approximation of your ring size by wrapping a piece of string (not stretchy) or a thin strip of paper around your finger, marking the point where it overlaps, and measuring it with a ruler. You can convert the size in mm to an American, British or other ring size using a ring size conversion table.

Sneaky ways to find out your partner’s size for a surprise engagement ring

If you want to keep everything a surprise, and your partner wears rings regularly, your first option is to “borrow” one of their rings and either trace the inside and outside on a piece of paper or press it into a bar of soap to show the jeweler, bring the actual ring in, or compare the ring to a printable ring size chart.

You can also try asking friends and close relatives if they have any insight into what your partner’s ring size might be. Chances are they’ll have some advice on ring styles for you, too!

Another option is to find a flea market, street fair, or any similar place that will have booths with costume jewelry. You can start trying things on together for fun, and stealthily make note of your partner’s ring size when they find the one that fits just right.

If you really want to test your acting skills, you can pretend you are going to buy a ring as a gift for someone else (your mother, aunt, sister, anyone as long as they have similarly sized hands and fingers as your partner) and you need to enlist your partner’s help to get the right ring size.

Lastly, you can get your partner’s friends in on the secret and have them take your partner engagement ring shopping, under the guise of girls just fantasizing and having fun. Alternatively, you can ask all married or engaged friends to swap rings, everyone trying on one another’s rings, and have the friends report back on whose ring fit the best.