How to know a woman’s ring size without asking her

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How to know a woman’s ring size without asking her

Whether you are buying a ring for someone special for you, for a birthday or to propose marriage, finding a engagement ring that fits is essential.

The rings range in size from zero to 16, plus half and quarter sizes. If you try to guess which fits best, you probably have to change it later. Get the correct ring size on the first try.

Asking a woman directly may be the easiest way to find out the size of her ring, but with a little creativity, you can find out without ruining the surprise.

Tactics for discovering the correct size of a ring for a woman

Ask: You can get in touch with her mother or a friend. Ask the person if they know the correct ring size. If you know, that’s it! You have managed to find the size of the ring without asking. In case you do not know, ask anyone if you can find out the correct ring size.

Make her use a ring: Ask her if she can wear one of her wedding rings, either around your neck in a chain or on your little finger. Select a ring she often wears, but make sure she usually wears it on her right finger. Choosing a ring that she wears on her forefinger will not help you size a ring for her annular finger. Take the ring to a jeweler to have it measured.

Measure her: Prints a free ring gauge, available online. Check the ring gauge with a ruler to check its accuracy. Wait until she falls asleep. Alternatively, if you know someone who is similar in size to the woman you are buying a ring for, you can ask her to measure her finger. Keep in mind that with this method, you may not get an accurate result. Place the ring gauge around her finger. Pull the ring gauge until it is firm.